Vertical Flow Workstations

Clean Zone Technologyâ„¢ LLC offers several styles of vertical laminar flow workstations. Whether it be an economical table top unit or a full console style, there is a unit to meet each customer's needs and budget. Each workstation offers an enclosed work area with 100% vertical laminar airflow to provide the clean zone required for the specific application. Setup the Vertical flow work station in a Lab Area, Cleanroom, Mobile Site, Office Area, add power and you have a cost friendly cleanroom where you can conduct experiments, repair contamination sensitive products, or meet a number of other uses. These units are used extensively to meet USP 797 ISO 5 guidelines for critical compounding.

The Ultimate In Vertical Systems

The advanced design of the Laminar Downflow Work Station is drawn from over 30 years of experience.

The systems are expandable, mobile, offered in variable lengths and heights, are low maintenance and have excellent delivery schedule at a reasonable cost. Whether it is a single pass system or a combination of recirculating and exhausting systems, there is a model to meet every need.

Single Pass System Operation

Ambient air enters the pre-filter area on the top of the fan powered HEPA module and is forced through a HEPA filter, and down through the work zone. The air is then exhausted out the front of the unit. If necessary, the work deck can be perforated to allow air to pass directly through the unit and then out below the work deck. The addition of a front sash will enhance air flow characteristics and give increased contamination control protection to the work piece.

Recirculating System

The operation of a recirculating system is similar to that of a single pass unit. With this system the air is recirculated through a perforated work deck to a rear-mounted return air duct. This returns the air to the blower intake where it is forced through the HEPA filter again and returned back to the clean zone or the air can be exhausted out of the building.

Clean Fume Hood-Exhaust

The design of the Clean Fume Hood-Exhaust includes a perforated work deck. Ambient air enters the system at the top, pressurizes the blower plenum and then the clean air is forced through the HEPA filter with 99.99% effectiveness. The air travels in a laminar flow down through the perforated work surface into the plenum area below and exhausts through the rear mounted exhaust duct to the outside of the central exhaust system as determined by the design.

Variable Exhaust

The Variable Exhaust unit affords the flexibility of exhausting a portion of the returned air (0% to 100%) resulting in a savings of ambient air conditioning and extending the life of the HEPA filter. The variable exhaust system may be appropriate where a negligible fume situation exists.

The Vertical Flow Workstation is manufactured in varying lengths.

The units are generally shipped in two pieces for ease of movement and assembly.

Units can be linked together by removing side panels if a larger work area is required.

Internal utility ports can be added for electrical, air or vacuum.

The work surface, designed for a sitting or standing operation, can be part of the frame assembly or stand-alone tables are available.

The front sash, if required, can be designed to partially or fully close. The sash will either lift in a vertical track be hinged.

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