Electronic Cigarette Modular Environments

As the popularity of E-Cigarettes, personal vaporizer (PV), e-juice, e-cig or electronic nicotine delivery system increase so does the need to meet potential government regulations. It is anticipated that regulations will be in place within three years with an estimated two years to comply.

Up front thinking vape manufacturers of E-Cigarettes who believe that they will see FDA regulations imposed in the near future are seeking answers as to the best environment in which to manufacture their product that will meet these upcoming regulations. Some states, have already set some guidelines on the manufacture of E Cigarettes and others are now working on regulating manufacturing environments.

These cleanrooms are designed as a recirculating air flow system where the largest percentage of the HEPA filtered air passes through the work zone to low wall returns and back to a plenum area, located above the drop ceiling, where it is mixed with conditioned filtered air to meet temperature and required humidity requirements and room pressurizations. Also available are “single pass airflow system” cleanrooms where ambient air is introduced into the cleanroom through fan powered HEPA filters and returned to ambient via low wall exhaust dampers.

We understand the need to accommodate large barrels of liquid nicotine and flavoring used in the vape manufacturing process while maintaining the overall cleanliness of the cleanroom. In addition we will recommend cleanroom furniture and consumables for each specific clean environment and vape manufacturing process and will establish complementary operator protocols and cleanroom maintenance guidelines.

The cleanroom is generally designed as a standalone structure but can also utilize existing walls. We can design the complex to meet your specific process requirements, e.g.,
  1. Room 1 - Materials
  2. Room 2 - Material prep
  3. Room 3 - Gowning
  4. Room 4 - Materials
  5. Room 5 - Material prep
  6. Room 6 - Mix
  7. Room 7 - Wash
  8. Room 8 - Heat
  9. Room 9 - Fill

The physical characteristics of construction: walls, floors, fixtures and ceilings are smooth, impervious and free of cracks, crevices and be non-shedding. Surfaces also be resistant to damage from sanitizing agents. Walls may be panels locked together and sealed, reference CZT I hardwall, Floors can be Epoxy or similar material coated or overlaid with sheet vinyl flooring with heat-sealed seams. Both systems should incorporate floor to sidewall coving to a minimum of 4”.

We also offer the CZT IV cleanroom. The CZT IV cleanroom design allows it to be used as a totally free standing room, or in a combination with your existing walls. The CZT IV is specifically designed to meet requirements of a wide range of industries including the medical, pharmaceutical, parts cleaning, electronic, disk drive. The CZT IV can be designed to meet ISO Class 5 (Class 100) through ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) and can be divided into as many individual rooms as required.

The cleanrooms can be equipped with single or double doors, roll-up or automatic sliding and standard or custom sized Pass-Thru boxes.

If cleanliness is the only concern please look into our CZT III modular softwall cleanroom that is our most economical room design. The CZT III is designed to meet requirements of a wide range of industries including the parts cleaning, electronic, clean packaging to name a few. It is our experience that the CZT III will be moved from one product line to another as required. The softwall cleanroom is totally freestanding or it can be used in combination with your existing walls and ceiling. The room comes in varying heights to 16’+ and can be equipped with an internal or external Gowning Room. The modularity of the cleanroom is also enhanced with the addition of locking caster.

Please don’t hesitate contacting us info@cleanzonetech.com or at (719) 684-7800 so we can work together to develop a cost effective environment that can meet your current needs and that can be upgraded to meet upcoming regulations.


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