Specialty Environments

Specialty Environment Rooms and Cleanrooms

Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Clean Zone Technology has a vast amount of experience designing and installing USP 797 and USP 800 Pharmacy cleanrooms either independently or in combination, separated by a common Ante Room. Basic differences in the design of a USP 797 and USP 800 cleanroom in that a USP 797 cleanroom is positively pressured to keep outside contaminants from entering the area and the USP 800 cleanroom is negatively pressured to keep hazardous materials from escaping the area. >>

Modular Grow Rooms

We are finding that a closed recirculation environment is beneficial to grow houses in the prevention of cross-pollination and the spread insects. An ideal solution is to build a modular structure that will meet the necessary containment and cleanliness requirements. The fact that it is MODULAR is a great benefit to a growing business. They install in a very short period of time with minimal amount of contamination, are not a permanent part of the building and can be disassembled and relocated or expanded as required. >>

E-Cigarette Modular Environments

A Vap Cigarette cleanroom is designed as a recirculating air flow system where the largest percentage of the HEPA filtered air passes through the work zone to low wall returns and back to a plenum area, located above the drop ceiling, where it is mixed with conditioned filtered air to meet temperature and required humidity requirements and room pressurizations. Also available are “single pass airflow system” cleanrooms where ambient air is introduced into the cleanroom through fan powered HEPA filters and returned to ambient via low wall exhaust dampers. >>


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