Modular Buildings

Modular In-Plant Buildings

We are an official distributor for the Porta Fab In-plant building, a pre-engineered modular building, flexible enough to satisfy any in-plant building requirement from office space to added manufacturing space. The buildings can be accessorized to virtually every need including sound, thermal and fire insulation, unique electrical and lighting specifications and aesthetic requirements.

All In-Plant buildings feature non-progressive construction. Interchangeable wall panels, door and window panels let you make changed quickly without disturbing adjacent panels and ceiling. You can save up to 35% on initial construction costs, including materials and labor. Since modular rooms can be assembled quickly you also avoid costly disruption of plant activity.

In-Plants are available in all sizes and configurations and we offer a 5 day quick ship program on the “Standard Unit.”

The Standard Unit

The “Standard Unit" package is offered in specific sizes and configurations. It can be designed as a standalone unit or as an addition to an existing area. The unit is shipped as a kit with easy to follow assembly instructions or you can take advantage of having our expert installation crew quickly gets you up and operational. Standard wall colors are champagne or gray. (see the following charts)

Included in the Standard Unit:

  • Wall panels w/ galvanized steel floor track
  • Vinyl base, interior and exterior
  • Painted steel corrugated deck
  • Wiring studs
  • One 3068 pre-hung door
  • Non-combustible lay-in acoustical ceiling
  • All joinery
  • Deck support beams with units over 12’w
  • 2’x4’ recessed light fixture
  • Duplex outlets
  • Circuit breaker box
  • Handy boxes and conduit
  • Tubes and wiring not included
  • Installation instructions
  • We also offer professional installation


Modular In Plant Building
Modular In Plant Building
Modular In Plant Building

The lab pictured above was installed as two separate areas with an enclosed atrium for private meetings and break area. Construction took less than a week. Units can be single or two stories built on mezzanines or installed in underground enclosures. Another great feature is that they can be disassembled and moved to another location in a short time period.


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