Cleanroom Accessories

Cleanroom Pass-Thru Boxes

The Through Wall Pass-Thru is a critical part of product transfers which occur in every cleanroom. Although simple in design, the use of a Pass-Thru is essential to the maintenance of the high level of cleanliness within the cleanroom. The Pass-Thru significantly limits the amount of outside air exposed to the clean zone. With the use of either a mechanical or electrical interlock system, the cleanroom is protected from the cross-contamination which would occur if both doors were to open simultaneously. Pass-Thru’s are constructed for small or large parts and wheeled carts. We also offer HEPA or ULPA filtered pass-thru's that bathe parts in clean air while waiting for transfer into the cleanroom. They can also be designed to interface with automated conveyor systems for a total hands free operation.

Pass-thru’s can be constructed out of stainless steel, painted steel and polypropylene lined.

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