Hardwall Cleanrooms - CZT I

Modular Hardwall Cleanroom Design and Construction

The CZT I modular hardwall cleanroom is pre-engineered to join ceiling, floor and mechanical components to provide complete control of critical environmental conditions. The system will be designed to your specific configuration and cleanliness requirements, ranging from ISO Class 4 (Class 10) with upgrades such as raised floor, ULPA filters, flush mounted window and door frames to ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) that meets your basic cleanliness requirements. The hardwall cleanroom wall panels are press fitted into an aluminum or steel stud to form an airtight seal that provide temperature, humidity and particulate control. The standard system is able to accommodate wall heights up to16’ and the standard 3" thick wall system offers loadbearing capabilities. The non-progressive design makes it quick and easy to expand, modify or move finished cleanrooms. We can also accommodate requirements for wall heights above 20' with wall systems 4+" to 6+".

The standard fire and sound hardwall cleanroom wall panel construction starts with a smooth outer skin of conductive aluminum, painted steel, fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) or smooth Vinyl attached to one half inch gypsum board. Next comes a layer of polystyrene a second one half inch gypsum board and the cleanroom wall panel is finished with one of the above mentioned outer skins. Our wall supplier has rated this wall panel as “Fire and Sound wall system certified to meet a certified Class A structure". If you have additional sound dampening requirements we can add an additional layer of sound dampening panels between the outer skin and the gypsum. Standard colors are white, champagne and grey. We can offer optional specialized colors. We have been called upon to provide a flat black finish on all interior surfaces for one of our Aerospace customers and were also able to provide a black surface on interior of the cleanroom panel and a white surface on the exterior. All factory finishes offer the same cleanliness and clean-ability as is required for all cleanroom surfaces.

To meet the critical needs of the Aerospace and Microelectronics industries we offer aluminum composite wall panels that are non-outgassing, non-particle shedding and anti-static. The panels are either ¼” or ½” thick with an aluminum honeycomb core. This system also has a non-progressive design for easy modification.

With the ever increasing regulations of the biomedical, pharmaceutical, and life science industries the requirement for an aseptic cleanroom are becoming more critical. We offer a hardwall cleanroom where the architectural finishes are designed to be smooth, easy to clean, have minimal ledges and joints and radius corners. The wall panels are made with aluminum honeycomb cores and skins that are non-hygroscopic and are corrosion resistant or with FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) insulated panels. The surfaces withstand repeated cleaning and sanitization with various chemicals and are resistant to sustaining microbial and fungal growth.

We also offer seismic design with drawings Wet Stamped to your location. All of our cleanroom components are custom fabricated for ease of installation. You no longer have to put up with sheetrock dust and major construction contamination when building your cleanroom. Our knowledgeable installation crew will have you operating in a cleanroom as quickly and efficiently as possible with the minimum of disturbance to existing processes. We install clean-rooms throughout the U.S. and Internationally.

The industry need for cleanrooms is continually growing. We feel that there are three customer requirements for building a cleanroom:

  1. Product need
  2. Customer demand
  3. Your competition has one

Any one or all of the three will drive a prospective customer to inquire about the details, cost and installation schedule. We realize that a cleanroom can be the most expensive real estate investment that you make. Our goal is to build a cleanroom that meets your current needs from a non-progressive structural design that can be added onto as required and one that can be disassembled and moved with you. The CZT I hardwall cleanroom can meet these requirements and more and could be the most important “Process Tool” investment that you make. We can help you establish operation and maintenance protocols so your investment will last for many years.

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CZT I cleanrooms will meet ISO 4 to 8 (Class 10 to 100,000)

The CZT I is sized and configured to meet your specific requirements.

Ceiling System

  • 1-1/2” gasketed
  • 2” gasketed
  • Gel Seal


  • Fan powered HEPA or ULPA
  • HEPA or ULPA ducted
  • Prefilters


  • LED light panels
  • Lights built into the Tee grid system

Ceiling Tiles

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl coated sheetrock

Wall Construction

  • Exterior Wall height up to 20'+
  • Wall thickness - ¼” to 6”
  • Core - Polystyrene or honeycomb
  • Skins - Vinyl hardboard, factory coated steel, FRP, Aluminum with conductive coating
  • Seismic and Fire & Sound Systems

Support Structure

  • Load bearing walls
  • Structural supports
  • Corrugated steel roof deck. Rated: standard, man load and equipment load.
  • Seismic re-enforcement if required


  • Single personal
  • Double equipment
  • Rollup
  • Automatic Sliding
Hardwall Cleanroom Construction
A CZT I Hardwall Cleanroom - built and certified within 3 weeks.


  • Standard viewing
  • Storefront


  • Return air chase
  • Return air column
  • High ceiling

Convenience Outlets

  • Flush mounted into cleanroom studs

Light Switches

  • Flush mounted in cleanroom studs


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