Cleanroom Consulting Services

Clean Zone Technology consulting services include:

  • Cleanroom layout and design
  • Cleanroom analysis
  • Cleanroom auditing
  • Contamination cause analysis
  • Cause and recovery
  • Construction management
  • Training of cleanroom and maintenance personnel
  • Cleanroom feasibility studies
  • Alternate methods of establishing a clean manufacturing environments
  • Recommendation of related cleaning equipment and establishing operating standards.
  • Generation of operation protocols (cleanroom cleaning, maintenance)
  • Generation of construction protocols
  • Generation of operator protocols (gowning, operating in a cleanroom)

From our initial conversation to the completion of the project we are personally involved. Our goal is to work with you and your team in developing a cleanroom that will meet your product requirements and one that you will be proud to show your customers and investors.

If your existing cleanroom is not meeting expectations we can help identify and correct the problem. If your employees need protocol refreshers or if you need a program designed for your cleanroom and process we can help.

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