The versatile CZT softwall cleanroom has been a mainstay in industry for decades. It can be used for many applications and depending on size can be installed in hours. The CZT III softwall cleanroom is ideal for start-up companies that require a clean environment for process needs and to show prospective customers that they can meet their contract specifications. In some instances we have been able to eliminate the support structure and support the curtains from existing or added tee grid. This works particularly well where there are many restrictions, floor or ceiling. We have successfully divided areas with curtains as tall as 30’.

We have also installed the CZT III softwall cleanroom in one of our defense missile site locations where any static charge was a major issue. The unit was installed with grounding straps, static dissipative curtains, explosion proof light fixtures and HEPA filter units. A typical use is to install the CZT III in a factory or controlled environment where a cleaner area is required. Smaller units can be designed as “plug and play”, powered with a long extension cord. No problem if you need a light table inspection area, we can add black curtains, light-free doors and black tee grid and ceiling tiles.

The CZT III is a great, long lasting investment.